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These are the stars that make it happen

Meet Our 5-Star Team

Thanks to the dedication of our winning team, Ellison’s Towing was rated #1 out of 16,000 AAA Contract Stations in the United States and Canada.

Ellison’s Towing is the only Diamond Certified Towing Company. We have maintained that rating for 7 years through an independent customer survey on customer service. In 2011, Ellison’s Towing received 100% satisfaction.


1156675666 9KdqB XL 300x200 Meet The TeamWe are additionally proud of our 5-star drivers who consistently deliver the quickest response time in our area.

Ellison’s Drivers Deliver:

    • Prompt
    • Polite
    • Professional
    • Protective
    • Problem Solving Service
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The Ellison’s Towing 5-Star Team

 Lisa 199x300 Meet The Team

Lisa Cahillane

General Manager
Leadership Team / Customer Service Team





Costantin 199x300 Meet The TeamCostantin Sweis

Wheel-Lift Tow Operator

“I lost my keys and needed to be moved out of a parking lot before my time expired. They worked hard to get there in time and were very professional and helpful when towing my car back to my house. Thanks to Costantin for getting there in time!” -Adi

 ”I wanted to take the time to compliment your driver, Costantin Sweis.  I know I’ll receive a survey, but I felt it was important to make sure you all knew immediately what a great job he did. Costantin was professional and thorough.  My key was stuck in the ignition, and he was able to get it out and then tow the car to make sure the problem was fixed.  He was patient and I’m very happy with his service.  Great job!!” – Margaret

“Constantin helped me yesterday. He arrived quickly  and did whatever need to be done. He even showed me how to avoid locking my steering wheel. What a fantastic job Constantin!” -Inge

“Costantin was fast, friendly and all around a really great guy. He backed up the two truck into our difficult driveway on a very busy street with ease. He did a great job. Thank you Costantin” -Jack & Lori

“Last Thursday I needed a tow so I called AAA and they sent me Costantin Sweis. He was so nice and helpful. I give him a 10 out of 10 for service. I am extremely satisfied with the service I received. Thank you so much!” -Elizabeth

“My truck would not start so I called AAA for towing service. He arrived within 5 minutes. He first tried to help start my car and when that was not successful he towed it to the service station for me. The entire time he was so nice and professional. I asked a few questions about what he was doing and he explained things very clearly without talking down to me. Everything was neat and clean. And the process was so efficient. I was very impressed. It was fun watching my car get towed! How crazy is that!? I don’t normally send responses, but when you get that kind of service these days, you have to give props! Thanks!” -Valesha

Miguel 199x300 Meet The TeamMiguel Pena

Wheel-Lift Tow Operator

“Miguel is outstanding. I had to have my vehicle towed and Miguel was incredibly nice, on the scene quickly. I couldn’t have been happier with his help.” – Kathleen

“Miguel did a great job. I was so impressed with his quickness in getting to the scene, he even beat me there! I want to express my gratitude to Miguel for helping me and making my day better.” – Elizabeth

“I needed a tow and called AAA. They sent Miguel who did a great job. He was wonderful, considerate and I was very impressed with the level of service I received.” – Anonymous

“Miguel is a top-notch guy. His service was just awesome.” – Kevin

IMG 7266 1642970877 O Meet The TeamAlex Lopez

Wheel-Lift Tow Operator

“Alex is wonderful!! He was accommodating, friendly, and patient.  He is definitely an asset to the Ellisons team!” – Ann

“Alex was prompt, personable, professional and a very nice young man. He was amazing! Thank you Alex!” -Janice

“Alex Lopez was extremely nice and did a good job towing my vehicle. If you can buy him a soda I will happily pay for it. I’m keeping Ellison’s card so that Alex can help me in the future. Thank you so much Alex!” – Francisco

“Alex Lopez was FANTASTIC on Saturday towing my car. He was so patient, efficient, fast, and super nice. I am so appreciative of him and he really gets what he’s doing! There’s no comparison to him with any other workers. He was great and I was extremely satisfied! Thank you!” -Robert

“I had an accident in the Stanford Mall parking lot. I called AAA and Alex Lopez from Ellison’s came to help. He was extremely patient. I am a senior person and he showed much concern for my well being and was just so wonderful to me.. One person in the accident was not English speaking and Alex translated for me. He went above and beyond.  He was so kind and compassionate. The least I can do for him is call and let management know what an amazing employee they have. He was so gentle and kind. He took care of me and took care of the other people involved. He made me feel a lot better than I would have been should someone else have responded. Thank you Alex! -Nina

IMG 7220 1642969845 O Meet The TeamBrian Ortega

Flatbed Tow Operator

“Brian towed my car and did a fantastic job. He knew how to handle my vehicle like the pro he and was even doing so while training another driver. He responded with in 20 minutes of my call and took his time putting my car back in my carport.” – Richard

 ”I just want to drop you a note to let you know that I was so impressed by your company’s customer service. Last Friday morning, 4/6/12, I called AAA in a panic because I needed to tow my Honda Civic from Cooks Collision in Redwood City to my apartment in Menlo Park. I was going to have a friend do the repair work for me. Your employee Brian Ortega showed up in a few minutes and earlier than AAA’s estimated time. The car was parked in an awkward corner on the street (Maple and Main) surrounded by Cooks clients’ auto. With Cook’s staff and Brian’s help, my car was able to get out and was towed home in a very swift and smooth manner. I was amazed at how professional your employee was. I don’t have AAA’s email but you can let them know I really appreciate your company’s help. Thank you for doing a great job!” -Cindy

“Brian helped me the other night. My car was stuck in the mud, and he was there in minutes. He really spent the time to get it out. It didn’t seem like he was in a rush or annoyed which is hard to find these days. He overall did a fantastic job! Thanks Brian!” -Cathy

“My radiator cracked and I lost coolant as I was pulling into my driveway (whew, what luck!) and the temperature gauge was climbing rapidly. So, I called AAA. I requested a flatbed truck. It was 3PM and the dispatcher said it was very busy and but the driver should be there by 4:30PM. Well, as luck would have it again, Brian arrived around 3:15PM. The car was on the truck and headed to the shop within 35 min of my call. It was very impressive. Brian was super friendly, professional and safety conscious. I highly recommend this company!” – Kitty T.

Pascual 201x300 Meet The TeamPascual Ruvalcaba

Flatbed Tow Operator

“On Thursday November 8, 2012 my car died on 280, just north of Farm Hill Road. Pascual responded to my call to AAA. He was efficient, friendly and did a terrific job. We chatted on the way to the shop, and I found him pleasant and intelligent. Kudos to him and thank you Ellison’s for having such a wonderful employee!” – Tony

“My old Subaru power steering broke down and spewed fluid all over the engine compartment of my car, and I at first thought the transmission cooling line had broke. Not wanting to make matters worse I parked it and called AAA. They dispatched Ellison’s Towing and in 15 minutes a flat bed was searching for me! I flagged them down and pointed out where my car was parked.

 Pascual Ruvalcaba was great and treated my car with tender loving care as he drove it on to the flat bed and tied it down.

 My favorite mechanic’s at Sunnyvale Foreign Car Service were closed since it was a Saturday, so they towed it to the house.

 Great service!”-Richard

 ”Your driver Pascual helped me out with my keys that were locked in my car.  He was there not 10 minutes after I called.  It was great!” – Anonymous

“Pascual was a great help! He was really nice. I really appreciated that he took me to the shop and waited a bit for the rental car.” – Joan

“Pascual was such a wonderful help! He was so caring and got me on my way quickly. Couldn’t have asked for better!” -Ivan

“Pascual was so kind and patient with me today. I had an accident and I could honestly say he was my savior!” -Caylee

“Pascual was AMAZING. I needed a tow, and it was really important. He saved me a lot of time and money. He was so nice and helpful. He solved the issue at hand quickly. Everyone says your company is a five star company, and Pascual proved it! I can’t speak highly enough about him, he was just perfect. He definitely gets a gold start in my book! Thank you!” -Peter Bentley

IMG 7227 1642969937 O Meet The TeamRoger Capwell

Flatbed Tow Operator

“Outstanding guy, outstanding service, outstandingly helpful.  He diagnosed my problem, I didn’t have to be towed, and he saved me a fair amount of money I would have spent on repairs.” -Frank

“Sunday Roger helped me with my Dodge Avenger.  Amazing, amazing, guy.  He helped me out so much and gave me everything I needed.  He was amazing.  Seriously, helped so much! -Sabrina

“Roger was totally fa fantastic! Good guy, most tow drivers aren’t the best but Roger was wonderful!  Very enthusiastic!” -Jim

I had an accident today in Fremont. I would like to thank Roger so much for his service. He did a fantastic job! I was very pleased.” -Rose

“Roger really saved me on a tough day with a car problem. I offered to tip him and he said no to just call and let us know that I was happy with the service. I think he is quite something and very wonderful. My tire blew out and I was having a tough day. My wife is having some heath issues. He is quite a wonderful man and helped relieve lots of stress. He is one of those people that make a difference. I have been towed before and the service was nothing compared to the caliber that Roger provided. He was very involved and helpful. He made all the difference. He was the best driver. He is one of those rare individuals that can turn a bad situation into a positive situation rapidly. It is a very stressful job and he is a champion.” -Jeff Carlton

IMG 7229 1642970035 O Meet The TeamThomas Tanai

Flatbed Tow Operator

“My car broke down, so I called AAA and they sent me Thomas Tanai. He was there in minutes!!! Thomas was caring, courteous, and very professional. It was such a relief when he got there. I was pleasantly surprised at how kind he was. Most people in this business don’t really care about the customer, but you could tell Thomas did and I liked that. I really appreciated him and the work he did. I honestly couldn’t have asked for better! Thomas is definitely a keeper! Thank you!!!” -Mary

“He was awesome! I will be holding on to this business card as well as passing it along.  He was helpful, considerate, and cared for me and my car.” -Rebecca


Hans 199x300 Meet The TeamHans Werner

Emergency Road Service Specialist

“Hans is a super star! He was nice, prompt and extremely efficient. Thank you Hans for making my experience so painless!” -Sara

“I want to thank Hans Werner for all his help last Friday when my Nissan Leaf had a flat tire. Hans made a distressing situation so much better with his good humor and cheerful disposition. I really appreciate all he did! What a great employee!” -Susan

“Hans helped me today with a trainee, Ivan. They were super fast and prompt. Just over all super awesome people! You don’t see that often these days! Just really nice young men. Thanks!” -Ernesto

“Hans Werner helped me today and he was a very very nice man. He was so easy to deal with. He did the job efficiently and he was there so quick! I’m glad that he was the one to help me today! I couldn’t have asked for better! Thanks!!” – Mrs. Rice

“I had the pleasure of calling AAA for help. They sent me Hans Werner. On a a scale of 1 to 10, I would give a 9.99! He was absolutely terrific. I am crippled unfortunately and he went out of his way to assist me and I so appreciated that. Thanks!” -Edward

“My son has a high functioning form of autism called Aspergers Syndrome and when out of the ordinary things happens, he gets anxious. He is a very good driver but he had a tire blow out on the freeway. He managed to pull over safely but when he called AAA, he discovered his card had expired. Panic! Hans Werner from Ellison’s Towing kept my son on the line and very calm. I showed up so my card could be used and Hans reassured me that he would take care of things….and he did! Any towing company can change a tire but this company has caring individuals like Hans who have compassion and patience to help someone when he is having a really bad day. Kudos to Ellison’s Towing and thank you Hans for being such a great guy! -Unknown

Juan 191x300 Meet The TeamJuan Camacho

Emergency Road Service Specialist

“I had a flat tire yesterday. I called AAA, and they told me it was going to take a while, but within 4 minutes Juan Camacho showed up. I just wanted to comment on how nice and courteous he was. He changed my tire, and in a few minutes I was ready to go. Mr. Camacho is definitely an asset to your company. Congratulations on the great staff and services you provide. I will call AAA to let them know about my good experience with your company.” – Issilma

“Your driver helped us out of a lockout.  Juan Camacho was, just like, extremely fast.  Like, can’t believe how fast he was there.  I really appreciate it.  We had a wedding cake in the car, it was an emergency situation and you guys delivered.” – Gabriel

IMG 7258 1642970664 O Meet The TeamFrancisco Romero

Emergency Road Service Specialist

“Francisco Romero helped me with a tire change the other day and did an excellent job. The service was unbelievable! He was so gentle and kind. He was really informative and really helped me out. I was very impressed. Thank you!” -Dory

“Francisco Romero went above and beyond with the service he provided me today. He did an excellent job! It was fast and great service!!! Thank you so much!” -Jovelle

“Today I locked my keys out of my car, so I called AAA and Francisco was there so fast! He was so nice and polite. Just a very friendly young man. He was efficient with his work. It was probably the best AAA service I’ve ever received. Thanks!” -Addy

“My car broke down, so at first I thought it was the battery, so they sent me a service driver, Francisco. Come to find out, my car key has a chip in it to make it start. I didn’t even notice, but the chip fell out! Francisco found the chip and fixed my key! He got my car fired up and got me on my way. I was really impressed that he took the extra step to help me instead of taking the easy way out. I was extremely grateful for him, he really was a great guy! Thank you so much!! ” – Francis Detowski

“Some of the best customer service I have ever seen.  Francisco was phenomenal!  I was on the phone with dispatch being told it would take another hour for a truck to arrive just as he showed up.  He stopped his lunch so he could help me.  He’s proficient and I’m very grateful!” -Bonnie

Mike 199x300 Meet The TeamMike Manzano

Battery Specialist

“Mike was so helpful! He is the most amazing man I have ever dealt with. He made the situation so easy. Thank you so much Mike!”- AAA Member

“Mike changed my battery on Saturday. He arrived in 5 minutes and was very professional and a gentleman. After having a horrible experience with another company on Friday, Ellison’s fast and professional service was really appreciated. You guys did a wonderful job and I hope you stay in business forever! Thank you Mike!” – Kamila

“Just wanted to call and make sure Mike Manzano got rewarded and noticed for the service he gave me today. I was EXTREMELY SATISFIED. He did a really good job! Thanks!” -Unknown

“Michael is awesome.  He found me in the middle of nowhere; I was stuck with a flat tire.  He was quick and went out of his way for me.  He really helped me out.” -Cerise

“I was sitting in a parking lot doing some work as my 3 year old slept. When I went to turn my car on to go and get my 2 other children from school, it wouldn’t start! Just as I was getting out, seeing if someone was available to give me a jump, I see this beautiful yellow truck coming to save me! Mike was so nice and helpful. He got me out of there quick and safely. Just made my afternoon opposite of what I thought it would be. He was my angel sent from heaven. Thank you so much!” -Michelene

“Today my car had a flat tire, and Mike Manzano from Ellison’s came right away! He was super nice and professional. Big fan of his! Good job! Thanks!” -Emily

“Mike helped me today and he was super nice and super sweet. He did a great job! He was fast and efficient, and very personable. It was overall really great service! I couldn’t have been more pleased! Thanks!” -Chelsea

“I could not have been more pleased with your service. Mike Manzano did SUCH a great job I wanted to again thank him. I was terrified and he was great in helping to calm me down. I was so impressed with his care and service it nearly brought me to tears. Thank you for reminding me that great customer service still exists.” – Katherine

Brooke 199x300 Meet The TeamBrooke Remick

Battery Specialist

“I had a dead battery, my car wouldn’t start so I called AAA and they sent me Brooke Remick. He was there within 45 minutes. I could not have been happier with the service I received. He was most professional, a very nice young man, and a very hard worker. He is definitely a keeper! I have never had service as good as Brooke’s. Thanks!” -Albert

“Brooke Remick was such a pleasure to work with. He was nice, personable, and a hard worker. He got me on my way in minutes and arrived on time too. He was fast and efficient. He did a really good job! I couldn’t have been happier. I was extremely satisfied. Thanks!” -Norman

“I just wanted to thank you for sending Brooke out to unlock my car after I locked my keys in it.  He arrived within 5 minutes of my calling AAA and was courteous, efficient, and very kind.  In fact I think he cut his lunch break short to come rescue me.  You have a terrific employee in Brooke and thank you again for sending him out.” -Patrick

“Just wanted to let you know your technician, Brooke Remick came to help me with a dead battery today through a call from AAA. He was professional and helpful and thorough. I would definitely recommend your services to others. Thank you so much!” -Arabella

Cyrus 199x300 Meet The TeamCyrus Fagar

Battery Specialist

“Cyrus was a very polite gentleman and provided outstanding service!”- Susan

“Cyrus was pleasant, efficient, and very good at his job. I would like to give him a gold star for the day! Thanks!” -Mr Mcaffrey

“Cyrus had come out about two weeks ago for our other car, then he came out again today.  He was just terrific!  I want to send kudos.  He responded two minutes after my call in and was here in just 10 minutes! Thank you!” -Karen

“Hi! My car had a battery problem and then had to be towed to the local Honda dealership. Mr. Cyrus Fagar and Angel Arroyo were brilliant! I called AAA and in 10 minutes Cyrus arrived, he checked the battery and it turned to be a problem of a different kind, he promptly called the office and then Angel (what a coincidence!) “flew” over. He arrived in less than 15 minutes, considering the location, traffic, peak hours, etc. I could not expect more. His work was brilliant, he helped a lot and I would like to express my compliments to the friendly, prompt and professional service! It’s was absolutely exceptional! A+++! Thank you!” -Vladimir

“I want to acknowledge Cyrus Fagar for his friendly, outstanding, and quick service yesterday!  I’ve had to call AAA a few times and I would get Ellison’s and your contractors are excellent!  Thank you!” -Carol

“Your driver Cyrus just installed a battery for us and we would like to let you know we are very very satisfied with his service.  Thank you Cyrus and thank you Ellison’s!” -Andreo

IMG 7248 1642970488 O Meet The TeamCalvin Sabatini

Battery Specialist

“He was efficient, fast and friendly.  I commended your company’s exceptional service and he explained that Ellison/AAA’s goal is to provide the best possible degree of professionalism.  Although he is quite new to your company, please acknowledge his incredible service and people skills!  He also explained your warranty policy and again I am amazed.” -Vickie

“Calvin Sabatini helped me today and I just wanted to call and comment his work ethic. He was fast and efficient and the service I received was really good!!!!” -Arnold

“My car battery was dead, so I called AAA and they sent me Calvin. He did an excellent job! I left my parking lights on, so he charged my battery and got me on my way. He answered all of my questions and figured out what was wrong right away! He also put antifreeze in my car, and checked my whole car out. On top of all of it he was extremely nice! I couldn’t have asked for better! Thank you Calvin!” – Barbara

James Meet The TeamJames Knight

Battery Specialist

“James did a fantastic helping me today with my car! I locked the keys in it, and I was running late to work, but James came to help me in no time! He was so pleasant and a joy to work with! I really appreciated the service he provided me. Thank you so much!!” – AAA Member