Towing, Jump Starts, Out of Gas, Lock-Outs, Flat Tire, Car Won’t Start, Off-Road Recoveries. 24-Hour Roadside Assistance with a side of Five-Star Service.

Towing Industry Leaders

Ellison’s is the leader in the towing industry with new trucks, state-of-the-art greaseless beds, clean interiors, air jacks, air wrenches, and other custom built equipment.

Ellison's Towing Tow Truck

Trucks and Equipment: Crème de la Crème

Our trucks and equipment are the crème de la crème. Nobody, simply nobody, can touch us when it comes to new truck technology, maintenance and driver training.

Ellison's Towing Service and Battery Trucks“Shine and Roll” Inspections

Each truck goes through a rigorous safety and “Shine and Roll” inspection on a DAILY basis. We are copied up and down the entire Bay Area Peninsula, and we love it! It is said, “Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.”

Ellison’s All-Star Performers

Our well trained towing and service technicians are truly all-star performers in their own right. For over 40 years, they have consistently serviced stranded vehicles with record-setting response times. No one can come close to the speed, expertise, and professionalism that Ellison’s Towing experts deliver.

Our driver technicians attend the best professional training in the industry. All of our towing and service technicians are polite, well groomed, and above all else, caring. They are all certified drug and felony free.

You can always expect to be treated in a safe and friendly manner by an Ellison’s all-star driver.

Other Services

Mobile Battery Service

24-Hour Private Property Towing