Awards & Recognition

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  • AAA Gold Award – Service Provider of Excellence (2004 and 2009)
  • AAA Silver Award – Service Provider of Excellence (2006)
  • AAA Bronze Award – Service Provider of Excellence (2005)
  • California Tow Truck Association (CTTA) Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Golden Heart Award for Community Service
  • Tow Times Magazine’s Tow Woman of the Month
  • Rated #1 with AAA Region 4 with ERS, Driver Satisfaction, Response Time, Battery Sales, and On You Go

Published Author

Brent and Cheri Ellison-Carroll, Owners of Ellison’s Towing, Inc., have shared their secrets to success in a number of articles in industry publications including TowTimes and RunHard Magazines.

RunHard Magazine – Vol. 17, No.1 March 2008
‘The “Log Book” Law, New regulation catch many by surprise’

RunHard Magazine – Vol. 16, No.4 January 2008
‘The Future For Tow Trucks’

RunHard Magazine – Vol. 16, No.1 March 2007
‘Soliciting New Accounts’

RunHard Magazine – Vol. 15, No.4 November 2006
The Warrior Spirit’

RunHard Magazine – Vol. 15, No.3 September 2006
‘Continuous Improvement, When ‘good enough’ just ISN’T!’

Tow Times Magazine – August 2006
‘Turning A Profit in the Towing Business’

 Tow Times Magazine – June 2006
‘Using Service Truck Over Tow Trucks To Run Your Service Calls’

RunHard Magazine – Vol. 15, No.2 June 2006
‘Beating the response Time Clock, Because time really is money’

Tow Times Magazine – January 2006
Road To Success ‘ What To Do About the Revolving Door’

RunHard Magazine – Vol. 14, No.4 November 2005
‘Equipped to Succeed, Putting your best (truck) forward.’

RunHard Magazine – Vol. 14, No.3 September 2005
‘Hiring and retaining Employees, Get the right people on the right bus.’

Tow Times Magazine – July 2005
‘Cheri Ellison-Carroll – Tow Woman of the Month’ 

Tow Times Magazine – July 2005
Road To Success ‘Building a High Morale Workplace’