Meet the Stars that started it all

Cheri Ellison-Carroll and Brent Carroll - Ellison's Owners

Cheri Ellison-Carroll and Brent Carroll – Ellison’s Owners

Ellison’s Towing is currently owned and operated by Mr. Ellison’s daughter, Cheri Ellison-Carroll, and her husband, Brent Carroll. Together they have won a Pioneer Award, Golden Heart Award and AAA’s Gold, Silver, and Bronze Service Provider of Excellence Awards. The Ellison family has been serving its community for more than 80 years, since Earl Ellison, Sr. opened downtown Palo Alto’s first auto body repair shop.

From its start, Ellison’s Auto and Body Shop always had a stellar reputation. The Ellison name stands for utmost integrity and service, and is so well thought of that the tenants who currently occupy the original body shop building in downtown Palo Alto paid to have the Ellison’s name put back on that building.

Ellison's Founders Cye and Earl "Buzz" Ellison, Jr.

Cye and Earl “Buzz” Ellison, Jr – Ellison’s Founders

Founder Buzz Ellison is a decorated towing expert. Earl “Buzz” Ellison, Jr. is lovingly nicknamed Mr. Make it Happen due to his fanatic commitment to customer service. His tenacity and tender heart are recognized by all who know him, and his spirit gained him the Lifetime Achievement Award by the California Tow Truck Association in 2004. After Cye and Buzz Ellison raised their three daughters, Cye joined Buzz in the company for the next 25 years as his Executive Assistant.