“I am writing to let you know that 2 of your service employees answered my call today.  My battery went dead while in the garage and was flashing all of these “warnings!”  I immediately called my service person at my dealership and told her I’d have my car towed in. I then contacted AAA and they responded almost immediately (7 minutes), sending Mr. Hans Werner to my rescue.  He suggested checking the battery and to my surprise, the read was extremely low.  I didn’t know that batteries have a life of only 3-4 years!  Hans also explained to me the different parts of the battery were used for various functions of my car, not simply the engine. He proudly mentioned that AAA/Ellison could replace it by calling in another service expert and therefore I wouldn’t need to drive to my dealership, saving time and money. Then arrives Mr. Calvin Sabatini to calm my nerves (another quick 10 minutes)!  He was efficient, fast and friendly.  I commended your company’s exceptional service and he explained that Ellison/AAA’s goal is to provide the best possible degree of professionalism.  Although he is quite new to your company, please acknowledge his incredible service and people skills!  He also explained your warranty policy and again I am amazed. I told each of them that customer service in present time is non existent and very frustrating to say the least.  Now that you rate among my top 2…always the customer first (just like Nordstrom’s, I will inform my friends who are all AAA members. Oh, I almost forgot.  I love the fact that your policy is for a call to let the customoer know that they are just around the corner.  Every other service company inform you they will be at your home either in the AM or PM???  Who has time to sit around for hours waiting???! Please place this review into Han’s and Calvin’s files.  You have done a commendable job hiring these 2 employees!”
Vickie – AAA Member  6/10/11

“Hans Werner seriously needs a raise. Or at LEAST a bonus. My girlfriend locked her keys in her car. Our friend helped us out by calling AAA who dispatched you guys to us. We were just exiting Walmart in Mountain View to buy coat hangers to try to jimmy the lock ourselves when Hans called us to say he was 3 minutes away. What. 3 Minutes? I have never met roadside assistance that offered to be at my side in anything less than A FRICKIN HOUR and you say he’s 3 minutes away?! I sped from the Walmart to where her car was locked at the Milk Pail Grocery market. The second I pulled into the spot next to her, Hans pulled up right behind our cars with a huge smile. Who is this guy?!  I called our friend with AAA to meet us since we had expected service in an HOUR, and it happened in 20 minutes.  In the mean time, Hans wasn’t just friendly, he was joking around with us and just making this day much better. (Which by the way, it’s my girlfriend’s birthday today, so THANK YOU FOR THAT PRESENT TO HER!) Once the paperwork was filled out, he did his magic (inflating insulation, big huge long metal thing) opened it up and was pretty much off! That was fast! When we first realized the car was locked, it was 350 or so. I was expecting to be around for at least 3 hours while we waited for someone to be dispatched as well as paying about $100 to get the door open. Not only was this covered by AAA, we were done with the whole ordeal by 455. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Hans and your company has convinced me to get AAA. Previous experiences with mechanics and roadside assistance have all been very negative due to their “savior” complexes. I really wanted to take Hans out for a beer afterwards. Thank you so much for saving our day!”
Jonathan- AAA Member 6/8/11

“Just wanted to let you know that a few Saturdays ago, after I called AAA for a tow, Jeffrey Taa came to pick me up at Budget Rent-a-car on El Camino and drive me over to my mechanic’s shop.  He called to let me know he was on his way, he was very courteous and helpful, and overall provided great service. Many thanks”
Vivian – AAA Member 5/28/11

“Oscar Vasquez came to replace the battery in my car. He enlightened me! He was very nice and extremely experienced. You should make him Employee of the Century!”
Ephraim – AAA Member 5/19/11

“Costantin Sweis provided me with the best service I have ever had. He helped me into the car and was such a gentleman. He went above and beyond”
Andrea – AAA Member 5/18/11

“Yesterday, May 13th, I called AAA service because of a dead battery.  The call was received and forward to Ellison’s.  The time I called was about 5:45 p.m. and was informed that a service vehicle would be there within 45 mins. I was delighted that within the next 5 mins. I received a phone call from your service representative, Brooke Remick informing me that he would be there in 5 mins.!  That was a great and quick response time. Brooke checked my old battery and showed me the metered results which confirmed a dead battery.  He then clearly explained my options and costs regarding a AAA replacement battery. I agreed and consented to the change of battery. Brooke was very knowledgeable and efficient in this replacement and completed the repair very smoothly.  He then rechecked the new battery and shared the results with me. I would like to recognize Brooke as an excellent example of the courtesy, friendliness and knowledge that I have come to expect from AAA roadside assistance. Thank you, Brooke and congratulations to Ellison’s for having a great employee!!”
Sandy – AAA Member 5/14/11