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Meet Our 5-Star Team

Thanks to the dedication of our winning team, Ellison’s Towing was rated #1 out of 16,000 AAA Contract Stations in the United States and Canada.

Ellison’s Towing is the only Diamond Certified Towing Company. We have maintained that rating for 10 years through an independent customer survey on customer service. In 2011, Ellison’s Towing received 100% satisfaction.


We are additionally proud of our 5-star drivers who consistently deliver the quickest response time in our area.

Ellison’s Drivers Deliver:

    • Prompt
    • Polite
    • Professional
    • Protective
    • Problem Solving Service
The Ellison's Towing 5-Star Team
The Ellison's Towing 5-Star Team

Jessica Gover

Operations Supervisor

"Jess was awesome!  She was so professional and fast!  I asked her if it was hard to be a woman in this industry, and she said that yeah, sometimes men don’t want to accept her help.  I am not one of those men.  I could probably have changed my own tire, but it would have taken a long time.  I never know where to put the jack….  Anyway, she was like lightning – very impressive!  Very knowledgeable too and she arrived super-fast too.  I know awesome isn’t great constructive feedback, but that’s exactly what she was: AWESOME!" - Lee, AAA Member

 "On 5/1/15 I called AAA for assistance as my key would not turn in the ignition. Your company responded to my call and I just wanted to say how impressed my friend and I were with the service we received from Jessica Gover. Jessica called ahead of arriving to let us know her timeframe and to verify our location. She arrived quickly, was professional, had a great attitude, was very competent, was able to get the key to turn and started the car. A great experience and much appreciated. Thank you!" - Kathy, AAA Member

"I can't find the place on your website to give my feedback, so I am emailing you my feedback. Jessica was FANTASTIC! She was prompt, worked quickly, showed me the place where the hole was in my tire, and was very polite. I am totally satisfied! Thanks so much for a pleasant experience." - Celia, AAA Member

Calvin Sabatini

Calvin Sabatini

Operations Supervisor

“He was efficient, fast and friendly.  I commended your company’s exceptional service and he explained that Ellison/AAA’s goal is to provide the best possible degree of professionalism.  Although he is quite new to your company, please acknowledge his incredible service and people skills!  He also explained your warranty policy and again I am amazed.” -Vickie

“Calvin Sabatini helped me today and I just wanted to call and comment his work ethic. He was fast and efficient and the service I received was really good!!!!” -Arnold

“My car battery was dead, so I called AAA and they sent me Calvin. He did an excellent job! I left my parking lights on, so he charged my battery and got me on my way. He answered all of my questions and figured out what was wrong right away! He also put antifreeze in my car, and checked my whole car out. On top of all of it he was extremely nice! I couldn’t have asked for better! Thank you Calvin!” – Barbara


Miguel Pena

Wheel-Lift Tow Operator

On Wednesday, Mar. 19, I was stranded with a broken rear axle on Foothill Expressway in Los Altos.  Miguel Pena, came to my rescue. 

I was very impressed with his skill and knowledge of handling this difficult situation. 

He was also very courteous, kind and friendly which was very helpful in my time of stress. 

Thank you for your professional help and kind manner.

Michael  - AAA Member

Alex Lopez

Alex Lopez

Wheel-Lift Tow Operator

“Alex is wonderful!! He was accommodating, friendly, and patient.  He is definitely an asset to the Ellisons team!” – Ann

“Alex was prompt, personable, professional and a very nice young man. He was amazing! Thank you Alex!” -Janice

“Alex Lopez was extremely nice and did a good job towing my vehicle. If you can buy him a soda I will happily pay for it. I’m keeping Ellison’s card so that Alex can help me in the future. Thank you so much Alex!” – Francisco

“Alex Lopez was FANTASTIC on Saturday towing my car. He was so patient, efficient, fast, and super nice. I am so appreciative of him and he really gets what he’s doing! There’s no comparison to him with any other workers. He was great and I was extremely satisfied! Thank you!” -Robert

“I had an accident in the Stanford Mall parking lot. I called AAA and Alex Lopez from Ellison’s came to help. He was extremely patient. I am a senior person and he showed much concern for my well being and was just so wonderful to me.. One person in the accident was not English speaking and Alex translated for me. He went above and beyond.  He was so kind and compassionate. The least I can do for him is call and let management know what an amazing employee they have. He was so gentle and kind. He took care of me and took care of the other people involved. He made me feel a lot better than I would have been should someone else have responded. Thank you Alex! -Nina

"I've always been told that the lowest form of life is a repo man...with "tow truck driver" running close second or vice versa.  
Now with the latest incident and the compassionate involvement of a tow truck driver by the name of Alex Lopez of Ellison's Towing, Mountain View, CA; I can no longer accept that theory.
On March 28th I was informed (at work) by my children that their mother and her car were missing from our home in Antioch, CA, since 1:00am.  My family immediately notified the local authorities of their mother.  To make this story more disheartening my wife suffers from Stage one: Dementia and also is diagnosed with paranoia symptoms.  
At 9:27am of the same day, Alex Lopez, Ellison's Towing, called me that he saw this frail woman struggling on the side highway on the mountainous area of Portola Valley, which is approximately 76 miles southwest of Antioch.  He asked me as to where he can tow the car to, along with my wife.  I told Mr Lopez whatever you do please DO NOT leave her out of your sight for she has dementia and she has been missing for the past 10 hours
Alex Lopez assured me that he will not leave her until I arrived and please drive carefully and DO NOT WORRY.  By doing that act of compassion and kindness is unheard of for he could have left my wife on the side road like a road kill...When I got to the designated, arranged meeting area, I thank Mr Lopez several times while crying for I almost lost my wife of 52 years.  Alex Lopez is an angel working as unappreciated tow truck driver.  Thank you God for sending him to help my wife.  I cannot thank him enough."     - Phil C.


Alfonso Garcia

Battery Specialist

“Alfonso is such a lovely man. He was just fabulous! Wow- so wonderful and so polite!” – Barbara, AAA Member

 “Alfonso was so patient! And he provided great service!" - Arlene, AAA Member


Hans Werner

Emergency Road Service Specialist

“Hans is a super star! He was nice, prompt and extremely efficient. Thank you Hans for making my experience so painless!” -Sara

“I want to thank Hans Werner for all his help last Friday when my Nissan Leaf had a flat tire. Hans made a distressing situation so much better with his good humor and cheerful disposition. I really appreciate all he did! What a great employee!” -Susan

“Hans helped me today with a trainee, Ivan. They were super fast and prompt. Just over all super awesome people! You don’t see that often these days! Just really nice young men. Thanks!” -Ernesto

“Hans Werner helped me today and he was a very very nice man. He was so easy to deal with. He did the job efficiently and he was there so quick! I’m glad that he was the one to help me today! I couldn’t have asked for better! Thanks!!” – Mrs. Rice

“I had the pleasure of calling AAA for help. They sent me Hans Werner. On a a scale of 1 to 10, I would give a 9.99! He was absolutely terrific. I am crippled unfortunately and he went out of his way to assist me and I so appreciated that. Thanks!” -Edward

“My son has a high functioning form of autism called Aspergers Syndrome and when out of the ordinary things happens, he gets anxious. He is a very good driver but he had a tire blow out on the freeway. He managed to pull over safely but when he called AAA, he discovered his card had expired. Panic! Hans Werner from Ellison’s Towing kept my son on the line and very calm. I showed up so my card could be used and Hans reassured me that he would take care of things….and he did! Any towing company can change a tire but this company has caring individuals like Hans who have compassion and patience to help someone when he is having a really bad day. Kudos to Ellison’s Towing and thank you Hans for being such a great guy! -Unknown


Mike Manzano

Battery Specialist

“Mike was so helpful! He is the most amazing man I have ever dealt with. He made the situation so easy. Thank you so much Mike!”- AAA Member

“Mike changed my battery on Saturday. He arrived in 5 minutes and was very professional and a gentleman. After having a horrible experience with another company on Friday, Ellison’s fast and professional service was really appreciated. You guys did a wonderful job and I hope you stay in business forever! Thank you Mike!” – Kamila

“Just wanted to call and make sure Mike Manzano got rewarded and noticed for the service he gave me today. I was EXTREMELY SATISFIED. He did a really good job! Thanks!” -Unknown

“Michael is awesome.  He found me in the middle of nowhere; I was stuck with a flat tire.  He was quick and went out of his way for me.  He really helped me out.” -Cerise

“I was sitting in a parking lot doing some work as my 3 year old slept. When I went to turn my car on to go and get my 2 other children from school, it wouldn’t start! Just as I was getting out, seeing if someone was available to give me a jump, I see this beautiful yellow truck coming to save me! Mike was so nice and helpful. He got me out of there quick and safely. Just made my afternoon opposite of what I thought it would be. He was my angel sent from heaven. Thank you so much!” -Michelene

“Today my car had a flat tire, and Mike Manzano from Ellison’s came right away! He was super nice and professional. Big fan of his! Good job! Thanks!” -Emily

“Mike helped me today and he was super nice and super sweet. He did a great job! He was fast and efficient, and very personable. It was overall really great service! I couldn’t have been more pleased! Thanks!” -Chelsea

“I could not have been more pleased with your service. Mike Manzano did SUCH a great job I wanted to again thank him. I was terrified and he was great in helping to calm me down. I was so impressed with his care and service it nearly brought me to tears. Thank you for reminding me that great customer service still exists.” – Katherine

John Waller

John Waller

Flatbed Tow Operator

“I wanted to compliment John on his really good job at loading his 15 dodge dart today that was missing the front wheel control arm and more. Very very difficult to load and John was amazing!!!"

Mario - AAA Member

"John Waller did a great job. It was a blessing that he came out, because I had to get going.  There was a giant nail in the tire.  I really enjoyed his company while he performed the service."

Nancy - AAA Member


Pablo Nevarez

Emergency Roadside Assistance Specialist/Wheel Lift Operator

"I am writing to let you know what excellent service I received from Pablo Nevarez.  On Friday April 8, 2016, I locked my keys in my car.   Since it was raining slightly, I asked the AAA agent if the tow truck driver could please call me when he arrived.  Pablo was kind enough to call and advise me that he would arrive in about 15 minutes.  He arrived on time and called me to let me know he was parked next to my car.  When I approached the tow truck, Pablo extended his hand and introduced himself. I was touched by this warm welcome.  I felt safe and in good hands.  He told me exactly what he was going to do and within minutes my car was unlocked.  Pablo checked my AAA card which was locked in the car and quickly did the paperwork.  He then extended his hand and told me to have a nice day. WHAT A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!!  I have never had such a pleasant encounter with a tow truck driver. Pablo was friendly, professional and caring.  Please extend a BIG thank you to Pablo and know that he is an asset to your company. Thank you!" - Therese, AAA Member

"Pablo did a fantastic job last week when he fixed my car.  Make sure you give him a raise!" - Mike, AAA Member

mike i2

Michael Ibarra

Battery Specialist

Mike was a nice kid, very fast.  I am usually totally satisfied with Ellisons, but today I wanted to give the credit to Mike. I give Mike an A+ for his service!

Frances - AAA Member

Mike Ibarra was very personable and completely wonderful. I give him 5 stars!

Wileta - AAA Member


Curtis Castro

Flatbed Tow Operator

“Curtis exceeded my expectations. He was very, very courteous!" - Bruce, AAA Member

"I just don’t know how to put it in words.  Your driver Curtis Castro did a really great job!” I was running late for work and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to make it on time.  He showed up so quickly! He got me out the door and I was on time for my appointment.  He really went above and beyond.  I am extremely satisfied with the service.  It’s good to know that he is such a good employee.  Thanks!" - Sarishma, AAA Member



Chito Mendoza

Battery Specialist

"Ellison’s should be commended for employing this young man.  He has been so patient with this old lady (me) and he’s so kind. Very gentlemanly." - Nita, AAA Member

 "Wanted to call you about the great service I just had from Chito.  He was prompt, efficient, and fixed the problem in about 2 minutes." - Mr. Burg





Robert Anderson

Wheel-Lift Tow Operator

"Car was in a ditch off Magdalena. Two blocks away from home.  Robert was very helpful, and very patient.  I was very impressed that he did not give up.  Took over two hours to get out of the ditch. He did not give up at all. He was very patient and a pleasure the whole time. - Nili, AAA Member

"I had Robert come over the other and he was awesome! I got my car stuck in the driveway. I ended up slipping and ending up on top of a stump. Robert was wonderful! He did such a nice job. He got me out of there and moved the car to the bottom. He was fabulous, so nice and you guys were here so fast - I couldn't believe it!" - Marylyn, AAA Member


Jay Anderson

Battery Specialist

"Thank you Jay for quickly and expertly coming out and changing my battery so I could get back to the weekend. Jay arrived quickly, got right to work and had me back on the road quickly. Awesome service all around!!"

Robin - AAA Member

"Jay really helped me out. He showed impressive concern and kindness. His professional demeanor with the right amount of compassion really made my bad day so much better.  He is a true gentleman and a real credit to your organization."

Gena - AAA Member



Jesus Canaan

Flatbed Tow Operator

"I wanted to call in my thanks to Jesus for his arrival time. I’ve experienced some pretty sloppy tows from other companies, so I was extremely pleased with the care and proficiency Jesus provided. He was personable, polite and professional. He took great care to avoid damaging the company equipment and my vehicle. I am not saying he was good, I’m saying he was GREAT! He is definitely a compliment to your company." Greg - AAA Member

"Jesus was fantastic! He was very friendly, very courteous and flexible. He made a painful situation better and I just wanted to let him know that I appreciated it. " Jason - AAA Member


Carlos Nerimora

Flatbed Tow Operator

"I was helped by one of your workers, Carlos.  I have to say, he was amazing! Very professional and quick. Thank you Carlos!"

"Such great service! Carlos was very nice and helpful. He came to my rescue earlier than expected and was done in no time at all! I really enjoyed his company while he was helping me.  Thanks again"


Steven Blackburn

Emergency Roadside Assistance Specialist

"Steven was very efficient and fast! He gave great service, and on top of that, he was super nice and very personable." - Marion, AAA Member

"I had such a pleasant experience today with Steven. He did a wonderful job! -  Linda, AAA Member

"I was locked out of my car at my church in the dark. After I called, Steven came to my rescue in less than 15 minutes. He was very careful as to not hurt my car in any way. I am very pleased with his service!" - Betty, AAA Member


Douglas Figueroa

Battery Specialist

"I am very happy with my service! I am totally satisfied with Douglas' performance" - David, AAA Member

"Douglas was ever so nice and charming! He did a wonderful job!" - Luigina, AAA Member